Bringing Coast Guard History to Life

Message from the President

Perhaps the most rewarding part of any worthwhile project, is that moment when an early vision actually begins to take shape through the work of a dedicated team.  Mission statements and vision concepts are critical in developing the necessary enthusiasm, but the success of any endeavor ultimately comes down to the hard work and performance of the people committed to achieving success. This is what is happening now at the National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. as we move All Ahead Full toward building the first and only museum dedicated solely to the history, sacrifices, and aspirations of the men and women of United States Coast Guard.

In the past year, I have been fortunate to join with an invigorated Board, a new Executive Director, 17 former federal cabinet secretaries and assistant secretaries, staff and volunteers on a world-class team with the common purpose to make the National Coast Guard Museum a reality.

This 2015 Year in Review from the National Coast Guard Museum Association, Inc. outlines the incredible progress made by the many talented members of our team in planning and constructing the museum.  The hard work is paying off in the form of increased private and corporate donations, removal of federal funding barriers, and the retention of our architectural, engineering, and museum-design partners.

As you read about their successes in this report, we hope you will appreciate that this momentum is real and substantive. If this resonates with you, we ask that you consider joining our team and its mission to bring Coast Guard history to life.

The Coast Guard is the only military branch without a national museum, and together we will change that.  Teamwork is at the center of everything we do as we forge ahead in preserving the legacy, values and culture of the United States Coast Guard, past, present and future.

Semper Paratus

Richard J. Grahn
President and CEO

Click here to download The National Coast Guard Museum Association’s Annual Review